Massages and Sauna

Massages and Sauna

The following facilities and service are available for use by staying guest.

* Massages

(1) Traditional Thai Massage
One hour : THB350, Two hours: THB550

(2) Herbal Ball Massage
Two hours : THB650

(3) Oil Massage
One hour: THB450, Two hours: THB650

(4)Foot Massage
One hour: THB350

Massages will be done at a hat called "sala" in hoshihana village and are possible between 9:00 and 18:00.
Please advise staff before 17:00, to book massages for the following day.

* Please pay massage fee in cash.

* Herbal Sauna

The herbal sauna is a great way to relax. The cost of the herbal sauna is THB500 per use.
Please advise staff before 17:00, to book the herbal sauna for the following day.
Herbal saunas can be booked for use between 9:00 and 16:00. Average herbal sauna use is roughly an hour.

set menu

sauna/1hour + Today's juice500 + 50 THB
sauna/1hour + Today's smoothie500 + 100 THB
sauna/1hour + Thai traditional massage 1 hour500 + 250 THB
sauna/1hour + Thai traditional massage 2 hour500 + 450 THB
sauna/1hour + Herbal ball massage 2 hour500 + 550 THB

* sala

You can enjoy comfortable and relaxing moments at this multi-purpose open space -- getting massages, practicing yoga, or just laying down for an afternoon nap. Free of charge for the staying guests.
Hourly charged rental services is available if you would like the space just for yourself.
Shower room and toilet adjacent to the space.

Rental yoga mats are available for 50B/day.

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