Check-in time is 15:00 and check-out time is Noon.
The guests may check-in before 15:00 if the cottage clean-up is finished and ready. The guests may stay around and use the facilities (except the cottages) after check-out.
There is a luggage storage area at the reception. The guests may use the services such as shuttle bus to the market, lunch, and ban rom sai visit before and/or after check-in (advanced reservation is required).
Last check-in time is 22:00. If you arrive at Chiangmai airport after 21:00, will not be accepted. Thank you for your understanding.
Upon request, we arrange a taxi pick-up services for the guests. When you make a request, please specify pick-up information (flight number, arrival time and gate and/or staying hotel's name, address and telephone number). Normal fare is 600THB from the airport/city (subject to change depending on the distance). Please note that the change request for the pick-up time and the place could be made by 17:00 of the day before. 50% of the fare shall be charged in case of cancellation on the day before. 100% of the fare shall be charged in case of cancellation on the day of actual use of the service.
"There are no shops/restaurants in the walking distance from hoshihana village.
Please use our shuttle bus (to the local market) and/or free bicycle if you wish to do shopping and/or go to near-by cafe."
Please inform us when you check-in if you wish to order breakfast for the following day.
Please make your payment when you check-out."
There is no money exchange counters, banks or ATMs near hoshihana village. We recommend the guests exchange the currency at the airport and/or in the city. The nearest ATMs and the banks are located at Hangdong market, which takes 15 minutes by car from hoshihana village. We have shuttle bus once a day, leaving hoshihana village at 11:45am (advanced reservation is required).
No. If the guests would like stay in the cottage after the check-out time (12:00), full room price shall be charged.
The guests may make reservations one year in advance.
50% of the room price shall be charged if the cancellation is notified before 14 days - 4 days prior to the check-in date. If the notification is made before 3 days - 0 day prior to the check-in date, the cancellation charge shall be 100% of the room price.
14 nights are the maximum.
There are no taxis and/or songthaew (share-ride buses) on the streets around hoshihana village. Please arrange the taxi pick-up and/or use our shuttle bus (one time/day) to the nearby local market to catch the songthaew to the city from there.
Only ichikawa/ orchard main/ uho main cottages are air-conditioned. There are electric fans in other cottages.
Please check the updated information on the websites.
Reference site:
The guests may encounter bugs and small animals such as lizards and frogs as we are located in a suburban area in natural surroundings. We have some cats who may sometimes visit the guest cottages. We hope the guests appreciate and care for the natural environment.
Free wifi is available at hoshihana village.
We don't keep electric transformer. Please bring one if you need it. In Thailand the power sockets are of type A, B, C, F and O. The standard voltage is 220 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. Reference site:
We offer a short tour (approximately 60minutes) of ban rom sai children's home. Please make an advanced reservation by e-mail or ask hoshihana staff.
We offer lunch at hoshihana restaurant to non-staying guests on weekend. Opens from 11:00 - 14:00 (the meal orders shall be accepted until 13:30).
We don't have program offers at hoshihana village. Please contact directly the following travel agency.
http://www.cmremember.com/(Thai, English and Japanese)
Please check the official information site for details and schedule.
There are two laundromats (washing machines and drying machines, with detergent). 20 bahts for each use.
Our swimming pool is open only for the guests staying at hoshihana village.
There are paid luggage locker rooms located near the international checking counters at Chiangmai airport.
Please refrain from using the photos taken within our facility for commercial purposes. Photos include both the ones uploaded on our website and the ones taken by the guests.
Thank you for your consideration and cooperation.

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