About hoshihana facilities

About hoshihana facilities

The following facilities and amenities are available for use by guests:


The open-air pool can be any time of the day, up until 23:00. Please bring the special pool-use towels provided in the cottages for use around the pool area.


Washing machine and dryer are available for use by guests. (THB20 each)

Pool Side Bar

This bar is self-service and can be used at any time during your stay.

Dining Cottage

The Dining Cottage (located adjacent to the pool) can be used by guests, for breakfast, lunch or dinner. There are also some books and magazines available for use by guests. Please feel free to use the Dining Cottage during your stay.

Mobile Phones

Cottages are equipped with mobile phones, which can be used to communicate with staff for free of charge. Guests may also use the mobile phones to make local calls.
Extra charges will apply for these calls.


All cottages have access to free Wi-Fi. The password to access the network can be found in the guest handbook inside the cottage. Please note that hoshihana village does not loan out laptops or allow guests to use the office desktop PCs.


Bicycle are available for use by guests for free of charge.

Please note that the area surrounding hoshihana village has no street light illumination and riding bicycles at night can be dangerous and is not advisable.

Shuttle Bus Service

Once daily, there is a shuttle bus service to the nearby Hang Don market. The market sells a wide range of goods, including food stuffs, fruits, medicines, drinks, newspapers etc.
There are also many vendors that sell prepared food at the market as well, which can be bought and brought back to hoshihana village. Guests wishing to use the shuttle service should book this before 17:00 the previous day.

depart hoshihana village 11:45 – arrive at Hang Dong market 12:00 – depart Hang Dong market 13:00 – arrive back at hoshihana village 13:15

The fare:
for adult: 100THB/one way, 180THB/round trip
for child (except infant) : 80THB/one way, 100THB/round trip

hoshihana shop

The hoshihana shop, within the orphanage complex, showcases and sells a wide range of handicrafts made at Ban Rom Sai. Some of the items are limited-edition products, which are only available at this shop.

The shop is open daily between 9:00 and 17:00.
All proceeds from sales go towards funding the running of Ban Rom Sai.

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Only Saturdays and Sundays for visitors
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Office hours 9:00 - 17:00
* Local time in Thailand
Tel: 063-158-4126
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