about hoshihana village cottage resort

hoshihana village, a beautiful cottage resort nestled in the nature of 20,000-square-meter land is not merely a commercial lodging facility. It supports the fund-raising activities for Ban Rom Sai, an orphanage located in Chiangmai, northern Thailand.
hoshihana village has some interesting stories behind its origin.

* Story about cottage resort hoshihana village

Ban Rom Sai, since its establishment in 1999, has been a home to 30 children whose parents have been unable to raise them due to various reasons.


* Beginning of hoshihana village cottage resort

All of the children who lived at Ban Rom Sai in earlier times had lost their parents due to AIDS or had contracted HIV from their parents. Back in those days, lack of understanding and knowledge about HIV among people in neighboring communities caused discrimination and ostracism against Ban Rom Sai's children, for example, not allowing them to use public swimming pools. Having learned about the difficult situation faced by the children, one of the Ban Rom Sai supporters decided to donate funds to build a swimming pool for them. Shortly after, the swimming pool was made available also to the visitors, and then another supporter donated a cottage near the swimming pool for the traveling visitors to stay and enjoy the beautiful nature.

Driven by this movement, more people shared and agreed to this participative approach in donating, and helped build more cottages. We now have several cottages to welcome not only Ban Rom Sai visitors, but also anyone interested in staying in our beautiful and unique cottages.

The story of hoshihana village has always been supported by a great many people.

Parts of the proceeds from the guests go directly to support Ban Rom Sai and this has now become an important source of funding for sustainable operation of the children's home. In addition, hoshihana village provides full-time employment opportunities to Ban Rom Sai's youth generation to support them to be financially independent.

* history

2004 A swimming pool was built with the support of GIORGIO ARMANI JAPAN CO.,LTD..
The first lodging facility, suika cottage, was built with the support of an individual Ban Rom Sai supporter.
Proceeds from the cottage resort, along with the income from manufacturing/selling handicraft products*1, became an important source of funding to Ban Rom Sai.
2009 A Japanese movie "Pool" shot at cottage resort hoshihana village was released.
2014 SALA was built with the support of crowdfunding initiated by a Ban Rom Sai supporter. (SALA = a multi-functional open space)
2015 Organic farm project launched.
2016 A cooking recipe book featuring hoshihana village's dining menu was published.
2019 New cottage kassy opened.

*1 banromsai-brand products can be purchased at hoshihana shop located on hoshihana village property.

Surrounded by the serene nature, the cottage resort was named hoshihana village. It comes from the Japanese language; "hoshi=stars" and "hana=flowers".

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